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GAM Exterminating has been here from the beginning! In recent years we have established ourselves as the market's top provider of specialist defense against common pests like termites, rats, insects, and more. Your peace of mind is guaranteed by our experience.

Bed Bug

Gam Exterminating’s roots started in Long island New York, but now service many major city's in USA and continue to grow with aspirations of creating a world class service to its clients. After years of experience, we became one of New York’s top pest control companies and now set our goals on providing our services nationwide. As we continue to expand, we ensure our principles and core values will remain the same.

We know the pest control business is not always the most glamorous, our friendly staff will make our visit as pleasant as possible. We look to earn your trust and promote a positive long term relationship. We may not be related, but you’ll feel like we’re family.

Best Pest Control Company

With specialized services based on your climate and local pest problems GAM Exterminating Services protects what’s most valuable to you. Our well-trained and professional exterminators are experts in handling all kinds of pest situations. Our exterminators will get rid of bugs in your house and will teach you how to keep them out permanently because the stress associated with a pest infestation could be overwhelming.

100% Eco-Friendly

GAM Exterminating remains committed to providing environmentally-sensitive pest control services. As new products and methods are developed, our “Green Services” will continue to evolve in order to provide effective pest management while protecting the health and safety of our clients and the environment.

Non-chemical tactics include improved environmental sanitation efforts and structural repairs such as sealing holes to deny pests access to a structure, and eliminating pest food, water, and shelter sources. However, some pests such as bed bugs, fleas, bees and wasps are treated using materials that are designated by the EPA as “least toxic” and/or “low impact”. These alternative pest management methods are available to all our residential, commercial and industrial clients.

How Do We Protect Our Customers From Millions Of Pests Each Year?

It's Simple - We Have Over 65 Years Of Experience In Pest Control. Our Certified Pest Control Experts Are Equipped With The Training And Experience To Help You Get Rid Of Pests At Home Or Your Workplace Today - Guaranteed.

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