Paper Wasps

waspThere are about 22 species of paper wasps in North America. They are about 1.9 to 3.2 cm in size and they have narrow dark brown bodies with yellow marks. They look very similar to the yellow jacket wasps.

Paper wasps create nests from a combination of plant material & saliva making the nests look like they are made from paper. These nests usually don’t have an outside shell, which allows you to see the cells of the nest. These wasps feed on nectar and pollen and are a crucial factor to pollination.

Even though they are considered beneficial in lowering insect populations and pollination they can be very dangerous. A string from one can be extremely painful and can also cause an allergic reaction to some people.

It is very important to contact GAM Exterminating to remove the paper wasp nest. They can get in a home or business and put the safety of your family, pets, and clients in danger. By letting a professional remove the nest you will know that we wear the appropriate equipment and have the right tools to do the job.


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