Pill Bugs & Sow Bugs

pill-bugThese bugs enjoy moist environments and can be found in the garden and sometimes inside. When they feel threatened they roll up into a ball. These bugs are crustaceans and not insects, they are closely related to shrimp & crayfish.

Pill bugs feed on plant & animal material. These bugs are harmless towards humans. They cannot deposit eggs indoors or feed on things in the home & businesses. Since they require a moist environment, indoor places are not ideal for them to survive.

If your have an infestation of pill bugs it could be due to high humidity in the area. By reducing the dampness, it makes it harder for pill bugs to survive.

Sow bugs are very similar to pill bugs. They thrive in moist environments and they also eat organic materials. They can be found hiding under rocks, logs, and flowerpots. Unlike the pill bugs, sow bugs do not curl up when threatened. Sow bugs can find themselves inside buildings through cracks on the ground floor & foundation. Usually if they come in they don’t survive very long because it’s too dry for them.


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