Winter Pests

A lot of pests seek warmth during the wintertime. Sometimes the shelter they chose can be homes, offices, or other buildings. It’s important to cover holes before the winter. Be aware of these pests, they are the most common winter pests.

Winged Carpenter Ants
If you experience carpenter ants, even one or two indoors, there could be a nest in the structure. Even though these ants don’t feed on wood like termites do, they can cause damage to the structure. They look for damp wood to create their nests and they food on dead insects. Carpenter ants work together and once one of them finds food, they create a biochemical pheromones for others to follow the path to the food source.

These creatures look for a place to stay warm. When they find shelter in a building or home they can hide in small spaces. Mice are able to adjust their bodies to fit through very small holes and can be quick. They carry all kinds of diseases and can damage property by chewing through almost all materials. If you spot a mouse, it’s most likely that there are more in the same area. They work together to survive and provide for their young.

Bed Bugs
Now that bed bugs have made a big comeback they can be a really big problem in homes, hotels, or anywhere. Since bedbugs can cling to clothes & luggage it’s easy for them to travel straight to your office or home. Bed bugs lay their nests in mattresses and they feed on blood. Some people have an allergic reaction to them biting and it’s important to remove these pests.

Fruit Flies
This is a common fly that can be found in places that have fruit & vegetables. Fruit flies cling to produce and they lay their eggs on it. Once they are inside the building they can reproduce quickly. They have strong senses that can determine the smell of ripe produce from afar. At times if there is no produce out, fruit flies can reproduce in a drain or sponge.

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